Which BenePura bruise ointment to choose?

If you're struggling with the aftermath of a nasty fall, a sports injury, or just the normal bumps and bruises of daily life, our ointments are here to help you to bring back the pep in your step. Choose the bruise ointment that fits your needs best - with arnica for a natural anti-inflammatory effect, or with arnica and ginger for extra warmth and comfort. Experience the power of nature with BenePura bruise ointments.


Arnica Ointment

Our Arnica bruise ointment is infused with arnica, a natural ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This ointment is perfect for reducing the appearance of bruises and swelling. It provides a safe and effective alternative that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to tackle your next workout.

Arthrohit 1 Ointment

Our Arnica and Ginger bruise ointment combines the benefits of Arnica with the added warmth and soothing properties of Ginger. Ginger is widely used in skin care products, particularly for its beneficial effect on inflamed and swollen skin.


Both of our natural bruise ointments are formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, including organic oils and plant extracts, making them safe for all skin types. With their powerful and gentle formula, they can help you get back to your active lifestyle with ease.

Explore our full range of natural ointments. From soothing hemorrhoids and bruises to relieving muscle aches and itchy skin, we have a variety of options to meet your needs: