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Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator

Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator

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Drink your way to better health

High quality colloidal silver generator with innovative technology

    • Volume of water treated with the device - more than 40 000 liters at a concentration of 0,05 mg / l;
    • Replaceable silver electrode and battery;
    • Number of Programs - 3;
    • Duration of the programs: First - 3 min; Two - 6 min; Third - 10 min;
    • Power supply - battery 1,5V, AAA type - 1 Unit;
    • Performance in silver - 0.15mg / min;
    • Volumes of treated water - 0,2, 0,5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 liters;
    • Temperature of treated water - from 5 º to 40 º C;
    • Device dimensions - 35x150 mm;
    • Weight with battery - 52 g;
    • Mass of the silver electrode - 2.2 g +/- 0,05 g.
    1. Select a suitable water container
    2. Switch the unit on and immerse it in the water container
    3. If the processing time is less than 3 minutes, switch the unit off manually

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    Product Features

    Discover the most important benefits of colloidal silver and how our generator makes everyday life better

    Treating Sickness and Conditions

    Silver water`s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties make it one of the best natural supplements.


    Colloidal silver is a natural skincare solution with a wide range of benefits for the face and body.

    Pet Care

    Because silver water doesn’t burn, it can be applied directly onto your pet’s wound. It`s a great alternative to antibiotics.

    Indispensable Support for Home Hygiene

    It reliably disinfects refrigerators, sinks, dishes, clothes, toys.

    Long Life

    Replaceable silver electrode and battery ensure you will be supplied with silver water for a long time.

    Saves Money

    Saves money and time by providing you with silver water in the comfort of your home.

    Unique Design

    Get fresh silver water on the go! With a stylish design and compact size, it can be used anywhere anytime.

    Reliability and Quality

    Our generator is a simple, high quality device that is easy to use and cost effective in the long term.

    Why Is Silver Water Good For Our Health?

    Antibacterial properties - It can help fight against various bacteria, including those that are antibiotic-resistant.

    Antiviral properties - It has shown antiviral effects against certain viruses.

    Antifungal effects - It helps in combating certain fungal infections.

    Wound healing - It can help prevent infection and support the natural healing process.

    Immune support - It can boost the immune system. 

    Eye and ear infections - It can be used in the form of eye drops or ear drops. It helps to reduce inflammation and fight microbial growth.

    Skin conditions - It helps soothe and improve the appearance of conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

    Water purification - It can help kill bacteria, viruses, and other microbes present in water, making it safer to consume

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