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BenePura Hemorrhoids Ointment - Treatment for Hemorrhoids, Anal Piles and Fissures - Soothes Burning and Itching - 100% Natural White Yarrow Herbal Ointment - 40 ml

Retinol Face Serum - 30 ml / 1 fl.

Once,I have already written reviews about Benepura cosmetics,but I am happy to write again.
I am delighted with all cosmetics,Retinol Face Serum also deserves the highest rating.
I recommend Benepura cosmetics to all who love natural products without chemicals.🥰❤️🥰

Comfrey Ointment

I had surgery for meniscus tear a year ago and sometimes my knee aches.

This ointment is a life saver. I can tell a difference of relief of pain when I use this ointment.

Thank you BenePura

Should be effective against excema and psoriasis but otherwise a may-be!

Another of the brand's formulations was previously purchased and found surprisingly effective, not providing 100% relief from irritation but 80-90% and therefore bearable; a single application allows at least 4-6 hours of relief. This "BenePura Propolis Ointment for Dry and Troubled Skin - Suitable for Eczema and Psoriasis - Moisturises The Skin - Reduces Wrinkles and Pimples - 100% Natural Ointment - Contains 30% Propolis - 40 ml" is said to be a potential solution for other forms of skin irritations and not just Excema and Psoriasis which are its 'majors' and both very common, sometimes life-affecting and often annoying to those with them but neither is now or ever was a personal issue.The brand's formulations typically use a beeswax base with a variety of botanical oils and extracts as major active ingredients. Some are suitable for use on children but not all; check the included documentation or the company's website. This is the only formula known to feature propolis which has anti-bacterial properties and offers other benefits but not the only formulation to help with skin irritation.Their Calendula and Plantain with zinc formula does, too, but is specified for decubitis (pressure sores and surface ulcers), neurodermatitis (sometimes confused with psoriasis which it closely resembles) and cold sores etc. It was purchased as a potential aid for another issue but the irritation then became more intense and frequent and it was used as a 'shot in the dark'. Again, none is a current personal concern. Relief with that formulation was not immediate but needed 30-40 minutes to build, maximising over the next 10 minutes or so and lasting for several hours!Skin irritations create a desire to scratch and cause further skin damage, with bleeding and scabbing if the desire to scratch is intense and potentially additional infections. It is also socially unacceptable to scratch other than briefly and only on certain body areas. By eliminating the itch, there is no need to scratch.There are skin areas that currently have a tendency for periodic irritation that the purchase of their Calendula and Plantain ointment greatly eased. It was hoped but not actually expected that, as a trial purchase, this may equal or better that formulation's performance. Unfortunately, it failed to provide relief in the same 30-40 minute time-scale although it was later realised almost two hours after application that irritation had ceased and continued for more than 24 hours without further application of either product. That duration of relief was a first and it could not be certain that it related to the product or other factors. Consequently, later application would prove whether it was real or not - it was NOT and any relief was very brief.Recommendation is to apply sparingly up to two or three times daily if needed; there is no risk of 'overdosing'. It also has a rather short (under 6 months) use-by period and may not be fully used before it expires.The tubs are small and surprisingly expensive but economical to use (provided pre-expiry usage periods are adequately long) as a little goes a long way especially if kept cool - excess usage is wasteful of product and money.It is expected that it probably would provide excellent relief from the symptoms of psoriasis or excema. It may work as well with other skin conditions where the irritation is broadly similar personal experience is less than positive.

My product was not sealed

I cannot grade this product because I did not feel comfortable using it. I do not know if it was suppose to be sealed by manufacturer. I am from the US and similar products in US and Canada are sealed. I just could not use it which is unfortunate. I gave the review 1 star because of this. This company should seal all personal products.

Very small jar.

I didn't realize that it would be such a small amount of ointment. Purchased this for a rather large burn. Will see if this helps.

Healing for the skin

This balm is so soothing and healing for the skin. It helped my skin to heal more rapidly when I needed it. I would recommend it to anyone. Very light natural calendula scent, not at all overpowering.

Le pot est très petit

Le produit est de qualité mais le pot est vraiment mini du coup cela revient assez cher

Does help with the swelling

Helps with fissures and the swelling but not so much with the pain but better than not applying anything.

Unexpectedly brilliant

I had inherited a deep sun burn from my holidays in Cyclades. I bought a cream from a pharmacy in Athens and applied it four or five times per day. Three days after and with severe pain on my legs and difficulty in walking (the cream didn't do much) I had to fly back to London. I ordered this from Amazon the day before and it was delivered already when I arrived home. I applied it. The next day the pain was manageable. I applied it again in the morning and again in the afternoon and the pain was gone! My burn was very severe, it still hasn't healed but this thing hydrated the area immediately and provided a much needed relief. That's the proper five stars ladies and gentlemen. Three starts is average, fours stars is above expectations and five stars is niche. I'm talking about real quality here. Well done.


Suffering from the most excruciating bottom berry I was sceptical of spending so much on this item. All I can say is that I applied it for the 1st time last night before bed & OMG it is amazing. It really really does work. I don't normally write reviews but this is worth every penny.

Déçu par le produit

J'avais espoir au vu de tous les commentaires mais après presque un mois d'utilisation je ne vois aucune amélioration.Produit cher et pas efficace. Je trouve que mettre le produit dans un pot n'est pas très hygiénique.

Not sure how good this was

Worth a try if you have a sore bum but I’m not sure it really made a difference? I think it may help heal but it wasn’t as miraculous as some reviews state.