For all silver water lovers! You no longer need to buy bottled silver water every week.

A NEW unique product allows you to generate silver water anywhere and anytime. A small and compact generator that fits in a pocket that can generate up to 40,000 liters of silver water.

Take care of your health. Get Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator.

🔵 A compact device that will provide you with silver water anywhere and anytime without wasting your time. You can use it even while traveling.

🔵 Control of the concentration of silver in the water. Generate silver water to your liking

🔵 Generating 1 liter of silver water costs you only $0.002

There is a new and completely different product that will allow you to generate silver water anywhere.

All this can happen thanks to Lumirèe's elegant and minimalist design.

Unlike traditional silver water systems, which often include multiple components and take up a lot of space, the Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator is designed with portability and convenience in mind.

5 benefits of the Lumirèe silver ion generator

  • Silver Water Anytime

    With the ability to treat over 40,000 liters at a concentration of 0.05 mg/l, you're guaranteed a constant supply of silver-enriched water

  • Utmost Convenience

    Replaceable silver anode and battery mean endless,
    hassle-free use

  • Tailored to Your Needs

    You control what the concentration of the silver water is

  • Portability

    Its compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect travel companion, ensuring you're never without the water you trust

  • Ease of Use

    Powered by a battery, this device ensures that wherever you
    are, you're just minutes away from a refreshing, revitalizing drink of
    silver-infused water

And all this without:

Bulky Equipment

This sleek, portable design fits right into your life (and your bag) with ease.

Waste of money

No need to buy expensive bottled silver water. Create your own at the moment, saving time and money

Complex Setups

Avoid the frustration of complicated setups. A simple battery is all you need to start transforming your water

Lack of control

Tailor your hydration to your personal health needs with adjustable silver concentration settings

The Real Problem

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of purchasing bottled silver water with the Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator.

This revolutionary device not only eliminates the need for expensive, single-use bottles but also offers an incredibly economical solution by generating up to 40,000 liters of silver-infused water with just one anode.

Experience the convenience and savings as Lumirèe empowers you to produce your own high-quality silver water at home, effortlessly merging health benefits with cost-efficiency.

Our Unique Solution

Ability to enjoy the advantages of silver water without concern for safety. Consuming silver water produced by our generator is safe when used as directed. The device is designed to release silver at a controlled rate of 0.15mg per minute, ensuring the concentration remains within safe levels.

The generator is an investment in your long-term health. With the capability to treat over 40,000 liters of water with a single anode, the cost per liter is significantly lower than purchasing bottled silver water or replacing filters in other systems.

Unlike bottled silver water, which can be expensive and create plastic waste, our Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Our generator is designed for efficiency and ease of use, with short generation times. It seamlessly integrates into any lifestyle, without the need for time-consuming maintenance or complicated setup.

The portable design means it fits easily into any setting-home, office, or travel - without hassle. This flexibility ensures you can enjoy the benefits of silver water wherever you are, providing a simple, effective way to maintain your health routine consistently.

How Does the Generator Work?

With these easy steps you can have fresh silver water with one click wherever you are

  • STEP 1

    Select suitable water container

  • STEP 2

    Switch the unit on by pressing the specified point

  • STEP 3

    Immerse the unit in the water container

  • STEP 4

    If the processing time is less than 3 minutes, force the unit to turn off

Frequently asked questions

1️⃣Is the anode of the generator replaceable?

  • 🔍 The anode of the Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator is replaceable. Once you've maximized the impressive 40,000-liter capacity of the original anode, a new one can be easily purchased and installed. This feature extends the life of your generator and ensures it remains a sustainable choice for generating silver water, keeping you supplied without the need for whole-unit replacement.

2️⃣ What is the amount of water that can be used with 1 anode?

  • 🔍 The Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator is impressively efficient, with a single anode capable of producing around 40,000 liters of silver water. This high yield makes it a cost-effective solution for long-term use, significantly reducing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring you have access to silver-infused water whenever you need it.

3️⃣ What is the concentration of silver in the water produced by the generator?

  • 🔍 Designed with precision, the Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator releases silver at a controlled rate of 0.15mg per minute. This careful regulation ensures that the concentration of silver in the water remains within safe levels, making it suitable for regular consumption without compromising health.

4️⃣ Can the silver water generator be used with any type of water?

  • 🔍 For optimal performance and purity, it is recommended to use distilled water with the Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator. Distilled water ensures that no additional impurities affect the quality of the silver water produced, providing you with the purest form of silver-infused water for your health and well-being.

5️⃣ How long can silver water produced with this generator be stored?

  • 🔍 To maintain the quality of silver water produced, it is advised to consume freshly generated water directly. If you need to store excess silver water, it should be kept in a dark and cool place to preserve its properties. This storage method helps in extending the effectiveness of the silver water while preventing any degradation of its quality over time.

6️⃣ What battery does the generator use and can it be replaced?

  • 🔍 The Lumirèe Silver Ion Generator operates on a single AAA 1.5V battery, making it easy to maintain and ensure continuous operation. The universal design of the battery compartment allows for simple battery replacement, ensuring you can always keep your generator powered and ready to produce silver water at a moment's notice.