Why Coconut oil is an excellent helper in the fight against hemorrhoids

Why Coconut oil is an excellent helper in the fight against hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and lower part of the rectum.They are quite common and can cause symptoms such as itching, bleeding and discomfort. Hemorrhoid treatment is often accompanied by symptoms such as swelling, discomfort and inflammation. Coconut oil can be used to treat all of these symptoms. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and offers various health benefits. It can be applied topically or taken orally.


Why is coconut oil an excellent helper in the fight against hemorrhoids


The oil's powerful analgesic (or pain-relieving) properties can help reduce the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, while its antibacterial properties allow hemorrhoids to heal faster.

Coconut oil can help relieve constipation thanks to its laxative effect. Since constipation or straining during bowel movements is a common cause of hemorrhoids, this can help prevent them.


How to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids


When using coconut oil for medicinal purposes, use the best quality coconut oil you can find. Organic virgin coconut oil is the least processed variety and therefore will have the most health benefits.


Why is coconut oil an excellent helper in the fight against hemorrhoids

You can take coconut oil internally by consuming it regularly or apply it externally. Both methods of administration can effectively treat your symptoms.

Here are some ways to use coconut oil to treat hemorrhoids:


1. A mixture of melted coconut oil with witch hazel:


Witch hazel has long been used as a home remedy for hemorrhoids. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture to the external hemorrhoids. Do this several times a day until the symptoms subside.


2. Melted Coconut Oil and Turmeric Blend:


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, making the coconut and turmeric blend a powerful combination. Using a cotton swab, apply directly to external hemorrhoids.


3. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of coconut oil to your bath:


Warm water and coconut oil will be soothing and can help reduce hemorrhoids and relieve symptoms.


Side effects and risks


Coconut oil can cause digestive problems if your body is not used to it. It can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps or indigestion. Start with one teaspoon of coconut oil a day.

Do not consume more than 3 tablespoons per day. If your hemorrhoids are caused by diarrhea, do not use coconut oil as it can worsen them and their symptoms.

Coconut oil is safe for pregnant women, both topically and externally.




Thanks to the many healing properties of coconut oil, it can be a suitable home treatment to help you get rid of hemorrhoids and their unpleasant symptoms. However, if coconut oil or other over-the-counter treatments haven't helped your symptoms, talk to your doctor about other treatments.

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