Argan oil - everything you need to know

Argan oil - everything you need to know

What is Argan Oil?


Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit stone of the argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. The process for extracting the oil is by cold pressing.

The popularity of the oil quickly grew and this led to its mass production. Most manufacturers use thinners, so if you are looking for argan oil, choose only from a proven manufacturer.



Argan oil is thought to be best for dry skin, but it also helps acne-prone skin as it doesn't leave an oily finish.

You can find the oil both neat and in hair and skin products.


What properties make argan oil such a special ingredient?



It is rich in antioxidants and protects the skin from sun damage.

The vitamin A contained in the oil protects the skin from environmental damage.

Oil can also provide effective care for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

It can also be used as a sunscreen to protect the skin and ensure an even tan.


The oil treats skin infections and can help heal wounds


The beneficial properties of argan oil on the skin are many. It has antibacterial properties. This makes it a preferred treatment for bacterial and skin infections.

It is rich in fatty acids - about 95%. They moisturize and nourish the skin in depth.


Argan oil has anti-inflammatory properties


Another benefit of the fatty acids in argan oil is that they are anti-inflammatory. This property makes argan oil suitable for soothing irritated skin.


It can soothe atopic dermatitis


Atopic dermatitis is a common skin condition that has symptoms such as itching and reddened skin. Research has found that topical application of argan oil to the affected area can improve treatment of symptoms.

The Vitamin E combined with the natural anti-inflammatory properties found in argan oil can soothe the affected area.




In addition to the properties of argan oil listed so far, we can note that it also has the ability to moisturize the skin.

This is due to its hydrating qualities, making it suitable for all skin types.


For the treatment of stretch marks



Argan oil is often used to prevent or reduce stretch marks. This is because it can improve skin elasticity.


Argan oil for hair


Argan oil is an extremely valuable and useful ingredient in hair products. Due to its advantages and qualities, argan oil can be found in the composition of almost every hair shampoo and conditioner.

The oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the root of the hair, hydrating, softening and nourishing it for a longer time. It gives shine and strength to the hair, making it stronger and more beautiful.

To give more strength to the hair, you can use pure argan oil, distributing it evenly on the hair and leaving it open before washing it. After applying it, wrap your hair with a warm towel and wait for some time.

After this step, you can wash your hair carefully and let it dry without using a hair dryer.



How to choose argan oil products?


The choice must be made carefully. To choose quality argan oil as an ingredient in a cosmetic product, it must be cold-pressed, because only this oil retains its beneficial properties.

If you are buying pure argan oil, avoid buying in plastic or dark glass bottles.

Dark glasses protect the oil from the sun's rays, but may reduce its beneficial properties.

If pure argan oil has a slightly cloudy appearance, this is a sign that it is organic and not fake.

Argan should be the only ingredient in pure oil. Avoid buying oil with other additives or preservatives.

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